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The legal process of a divorce depends on the type of matrimonial issue. If a divorce is contested, it can take more than a couple of year to get a decree of divorce, but you do not have to worry when we are at VipinRaina Associates. We have the best Divorce Lawyer in Gurgaon. The procedure is quicker if it is a divorce through mutual consent. The Process of Divorce can take longer than expected if there is a dispute pertaining to the child custody. Our divorce Advocate Gurgaon provides the best options to conclude the process of divorce proceedings faster.

We at VipinRaina Associates render advisory and consultancy on Family Law, matrimonial disputes, child custody and domestic voilence. When a marital dispute comes up between the parties to a marriage, it bringscivil and criminal litigation and involves Laws of custody, civil laws, dowry prohibition laws, property issues, domestic violation laws, etc. Our law firm offers legal consultancy services before marital discord so that you can avoid the dispute, besides offering litigation services at each level of the dispute to help our client’s in Gurgaon and Delhi.

We help you at every step from start to end process, the terms and conditions of mutual consent divorce, the role of the court, problems of maintenance and child custody, the duration of mutual consent divorce, the place where the petition for mutual consent divorce can be filed, and associated queries or questions. Our best Divorce Advocate in Gurgaon helps clients pursue divorce cases in the family court, whether mutual consent or contested divorce

Divorce Advocate Gurgaon and Delhi specializes in family court cases, including contested divorce, mutual divorce, divorce paper drafting, child custody, and divorce counseling, and has successfully solved several cases with a growing number of satisfied clients in Gurgaon and Delhi.

Divorce through Mutual Consent

When parties, the spouse, agree to get a divorce by mutual consent, the courts will grant a decree of divorce through mutual consent. Both spouses must prove that they have been estranged for more than a year. If both parties plan to suspend their marriage with mutual consent, they can file a petition through a lawyer at a district Family court best Advocate in Gurgaon for Divorce at VipinRaina Associates can help you with the entire process as they are masters in this field. Divorce through mutual consent is faster than a contested divorce.

Contested Divorce: It denotes a form of divorce where one party to the marriage continues to use legal recourse for divorce even when the other spouse resists having a divorce. There are various grounds under which divorce is granted. These are mentioned below:

● Adultery- If the husband or wife has voluntary sexual intercourse with any other married or unmarried person, such an act becomes a ground for offering divorce. This right lies with the trustworthy spouse, and he/she can file for divorce only at his/her prudence. This is considered a ground for divorce.

● Cruelty- It is also considered a ground for divorce. It can be physical or mental. If one spouse has an apprehension that the other spouse’s conduct is likely to be detrimental or harmful, then there is adequate ground for getting a divorce due to cruelty by the spouse.

● Conversion- Divorce can be sought by a spouse or if the other spouse converts to another religion. The reason does not need any time before filing the divorce.

● Desertion: If a spouse deserts the other without reasonable cause, it can be a reason for divorce. But the spouse who abandons the other should intend to desert, and there must be proof. According to Hindu Laws, desertion should have lasted at least two years. But Christians cannot file a divorce petition based on this reason only.

● Mental disorder: If the spouse cannot perform the regular duties necessary in a marriage due to a mental disease, divorce can be sought. The mental disease is to such an extent that the usual duties of married life cannot be carried out.

● Presumption of death: A divorce may be obtained on the grounds that the respondent is not alive for 7 years or more and who would have heard of it had that party been living.

● Renunciation of the world: It is a valid ground for divorce. Two conditions are there to seek divorce under this ground. Firstly, the respondent should renounce the world. Secondly, the spouse should enter some religious order.

Documents that you will need to file for divorce

The best Advocate in Delhi for Divorce at Vipin Rain Associates can help you to file a divorce. However, you will need to submit the following documents:

● Marriage certificate/Invitation card/photographs

● Address Proof of Petitioner

● Passport Size Photograph of Petitioner

● Affidavit (Income and Expenditure)

If you are searching for the top divorce Advocate in Gurgaon or Delhi to help you get a decree of divorce, you do not have to worry about visiting the courtroom, filing paperwork, or any other formalities necessary to start the divorce process in the Family court. We ensure Fast-track Mutual Divorce with minimum court hearings and make the divorce decree available to you at the earliest.

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