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The Copy Right 1957 was amended many times since it came in to effect in 1958 , recently the copyright rule 2021 was notified by the government of India . The act is well complaint with the most of the international treaties and conventions.

Whether you are an Artist, Writer, Designer,Innovator & Developer, we make sure that every single work of yours is fully protected. so focus on your creative side without any worries, so leave the copyright, trade mark and intellectual property related issues for our experts to handle. Trademark Law, IP Law, competition law. we are highly specialised in trademark law since over 20 years. Get in touch with top intellectual property lawyers in Gurgaon at Vipin Raina Associates Law Firm.

Practice Area :
  • Intellectual Property Litigations
  • Intellectual Property Licensing
  • Negotiations and Settlements
  • Trade Mark & Design Registration
  • Patent Application and Approval
  • Trade Mark Secrets
  • Investigation
Intellectual Property Law
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